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“The science of kindness.” with David Gaz

Alex Valassidis

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with David Gaz. He has over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing. He started as a creative director in Paris, then spent a decade as a fashion photographer for big names like Levis and Disney. When digital advertising took off, he used his film experience to start "THE BUREAU OF SMALL PROJECTS," a company that helps start-ups and non-profits. In 2023, the company became one of America's fastest-growing businesses and made it to the Top 10 advertising agencies in the country. His motto? "Kindness is contagious."

Let's dive into the key takeaways from his discussion:

1. Unleashing the Power of Kindness

  • David begins by explaining his decision to produce "Kindness is Contagious" after observing a lack of kindness during a politically divisive time. 

  • Inspired by scientific research about the contagious nature of kindness, he delves into the ripple effect and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities. 

  • He shares how being kind can lead to financial success, more friendships, and even a longer life.  

2. The Science Behind Successful Marketing

  • Establishing the Bureau of Small Projects, David aims to teach businesses and non-profits the scientific principles of marketing and branding. 

  • David emphasizes that effective marketing involves not just creating visually appealing advertisements but also understanding the psychological triggers that can lead to success. Highlighting the connection between science and kindness, he emphasizes that sales is a science that can be mastered with the right approach.

3. Authenticity and Fairness in Business

  • In the modern business world, David stresses the importance of establishing sustainable networks and avoiding dishonest practices. He advocates for authenticity and fairness in all business dealings. 

  • David believes that attracting customers through effective branding and articulating what sets a business apart from competitors is the key to success. Outdated methods such as cold calling and mass emails are no longer effective, according to David.

4. Earning Trust for Long-Term Success

  • Trust is crucial in maintaining successful business relationships. David shares his experience of earning trust through clear communication and a consistent track record.

  • He advises start-ups to never give up and to adapt their product or service offerings based on valuable customer feedback.

5. Finding the Right Fit

  • David discusses the importance of listening to the market and clients, adjusting accordingly, and prioritizing customer needs over personal desires. He shares both success stories and failures, underscoring the significance of finding the right fit with employees and clients. 

  • David believes that ending relationships that are not aligning with the company's mission is sometimes necessary, even if it means short-term losses.

6. Building a Team Aligned with a Purpose

  • To create a team aligned with the company's mission, David focuses on hiring individuals who share their values and are motivated by more than just financial gain. 

  • He emphasizes the importance of creating a fulfilling work environment and holds himself accountable for ensuring that this could be the last job for potential hires.

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