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"Cold Calling vs. Social Selling" mit Volker Ballueder (German special)

Updated: Apr 5

The mentor talk with Volker Ballueder

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with Volker Ballueder. With over 20 years of experience in Sales and Digital Marketing, Volker assists both German and British companies in introducing their products and services to foreign markets. We delve into the discussion of whether "Cold Calling" still holds value in the era of "Social Selling." Additionally, he shares insights on how "Revenue Intelligence" platforms and the latest Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions aid companies in comprehending and optimizing their sales cycles. Let's explore the key takeaways from Volker's discussion:

1. A Telemarketing and Sales Guru

  • Volker, who has been living in the UK for 23 years, provides assistance to German companies looking to expand to the UK and vice versa. He explains that at its core, marketing is essentially sales.

  • Coaching and assisting sales representatives in both the German and British markets is one of Volker's enjoyable tasks, as he recognizes the cultural differences in business approaches.

  • He expresses his passion for making phone calls (telemarketing) and the thrill of generating results through effective communication.

2. The Importance of a Good System and Challenges of Sales Reporting

  • Volker describes the different levels in sales and emphasizes the need for a good system to ensure success.

  • He mentions companies like Gong that are well-known in Germany for automating their sales processes through Software as a Service (Saas) solutions.

  • The challenges of building dashboards and sales reporting are discussed, and Volker notes that certain platforms, called “Revenue Intelligence” Softwares, can help provide this crucial information more easily.

3. Exploring Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation is a significant topic, and Volker highlights an example project where a company required a platform to manage its operations effectively.

  • He emphasizes that there are still areas that have not fully embraced digitalization, and expresses interest in exploring these untapped areas.

  • Volker also brings up an intriguing topic: the potential market for funeral services in the digital age. He envisions a digital platform or app that simplifies funeral arrangements and post-death procedures, streamlining the experience for grieving families.

4. Cold Calling vs. Social Selling

  • Entrepreneurs often undervalue the importance of marketing, especially in the early stages of their business. Volker stresses the significance of marketing in creating awareness and positioning products in the market successfully.

  • He introduces the concept of social selling, emphasizing the need to build trust and establish relationships with customers through social media platforms. Trust and connection with customers are vital for successful marketing and sales strategies. Both cold calling and social selling can be effective, depending on the situation. Volker emphasizes the value of adopting a holistic approach to marketing that encompasses both offline and online channels.

  • Drawing from personal experience, he shares stories of persistence, adapting to cultural communication styles, and the satisfaction of closing enterprise deals after months of hard work. Understanding customer needs and tailoring sales approaches accordingly is key to building trust and achieving successful outcomes.

5. Teamwork And Collaborations

  • Volker reflects on past achievements and underlines the importance of teamwork and collaboration in business. When discussing advice for dealing with investors, he emphasizes the need for coaching and shares his own experiences of making smaller investments.

  • Volker advises positioning oneself effectively to investors, citing an example of working in a startup in the news science industry. Neural networks are also mentioned as invaluable tools for understanding customer motivations and creating tailored advertising campaigns.

6. The Importance of Taking Breaks and Setting Boundaries

  • Volker highlights the importance of regular breaks, family time, and engaging in hobbies as sources of relaxation and rejuvenation. While he enjoys working and is willing to put in extra hours when needed, he also emphasizes the significance of setting boundaries and not letting work take over one's personal life.

  • Volker shares that meditation helps him calm his mind and suggests finding activities that bring joy and relaxation.

In this insightful interview, Volker Ballueder provides insights into telemarketing, sales, and digital marketing as well as valuable knowledge and guidance for professionals in these fields. His passion for generating results, optimizing sales processes, and building trust with customers proves to be a winning combination. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a budding entrepreneur, Volker's expertise and experiences will undoubtedly inspire and inform your own strategies and approaches.

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