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"Operation excellence is my key thing!" with Adrian Stewart

Updated: Apr 5

adrian stewart

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with Adrian Stewart. He has over 25 years of experience in communication, commercial matters, financial services, sustainability, green technologies, and start-up consulting. During the late 90s, he played an important role in establishing the first consumer-focused marketing agency in Russia, which got listed on the stock exchange, boasting a market capitalization of $102 million. 12 years ago, he founded his own company, NEXUS, which has been dedicated to fundraising, legal services, and transformative consulting to optimizing growth through on-demand expertise.

Here are the key points discussed and highlight the evolving nature of the business landscape:

1. Adapting to Changes and Expanding into New Markets

  • Adrian shares his experience of establishing the first professional field marketing agency in Russia.

  • He highlights the importance of adapting to industry changes and offering integrated solutions, such as trade marketing and digital communication.

  • His company, Nexus, went on to expand globally and listed on the UK Stock Exchange by acquiring complementary agencies.

2. Power of Outsourcing Models

  • During the global recession in 2008-2009, Adrian formed Nexus International, a boutique consulting company.

  • Nexus assembled a team of experts with diverse skill sets, allowing them to provide specialized expertise on a project basis.

  • This outsourcing model allowed businesses to access senior-level expertise affordably and support executing strategic initiatives.

3. Selling Solutions and Operational Excellence

  • Adrian emphasizes the need to focus on selling and meeting the requirements of the target audience.

  • Strong financial management, with a CFO or financial controller, is crucial for growth.

  • Operational excellence is key for service industry companies, requiring continuous improvement of systems and processes.

  • As the business grows, the CEO's role shifts from sales to overseeing strategy implementation and maintaining key relationships.

4. The Digital Landscape and Work-Life Balance

  • Adrian acknowledges the shift to digital marketing and the need for a combination of online and offline activities for brand growth.

  • He mentions the changing mindset of younger generations, prioritizing work-life balance and non-traditional employment.

Adrian Stewart's insights and expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship provide valuable takeaways for individuals navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. From adapting to changes and expanding into new markets, to utilizing outsourcing models for cost-effective expertise, and prioritizing operational excellence and the digital landscape, Adrian’s advice is relevant and timely. By focusing on selling solutions, continuously improving operations, and seeking guidance, individuals and businesses can thrive in an ever-changing environment.

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