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“Making money should be a win-win situation.” with Alex Valassidis

Updated: Apr 8

Alex Valassidis

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with Alex Valassidis. He has more than 35 years of experience in sales, ranging from door-to-door selling to cold calling, with a proven track record of increasing sales and revenues for companies. From 2000 to 2008, he managed his own business in Greece, selling telecom products, as well as creating his own calling cards for the tourism industry in response to the transition from telephones to mobile phones with roaming and WIFI capabilities. In 2012, he moved to Spain and worked in sales for HP. Being a true entrepreneur, he started another new business named VPARAGON, a sales outsourcing consultancy helping SaaS companies sell their software in new local or international markets.

Let's dive into the key takeaways from his discussion:

1. Overcoming Sales Fears: From Introvert to HP's Top Salesperson

  • Alex started out in retail in Germany and admits to being an introverted person who struggled with interacting with others.

  • He saw this as an opportunity to improve his social skills and provide better customer service. 

  • He climbed the ranks and became one of HP's top salespeople in the German market.  

2. From Retail Sales to Telecom Ventures

  • His first entrepreneurial venture was in Greece, where he created a business enabling tourists to have access to the internet through Wi-Fi systems and calling cards.

  • Although the business was successful in providing internet access to tourists, advances in technology, and the telecom industry's efforts to eliminate physical cards, negatively impacted its sales.

  • Despite this setback, Alex moved to Spain, continued working for HP, and began the journey of founding his own sales outsourcing consultancy, VPARAGON.

3. The Power of a Good Business Idea

  • Having established VPARAGON, Alex wanted to ensure that he provided top-notch services to his clients. He emphasized the importance of having a good business idea, citing one of his past ventures involving calling cards for tourists. 

  • Despite the telecom industry's skepticism, Alex knew that there was a demand for such products and that they would be profitable. The success of that business venture strengthened his belief in the power of good business ideas.

4. The Ethics of Profit

  • As a sales professional, Alex discussed the ethical implications of making a profit. He stated that it is essential to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

  • Alex' business model for VPARAGON aims to assist start-ups and scale-up companies in achieving their goals and making a profit while simultaneously creating a positive experience for the client.

  • VPARAGON offers a variety of services to help software companies sell their solutions effectively. They assist with identifying target markets, communicating the software's unique selling points, finding the right decision-makers, and making discovery calls. 

  • Although cold calling is sometimes perceived negatively, Alex argues that with the right approach, cold calling can still prove to be an effective method of outreach.

5. Empathy and Charisma

  • For Alex, soft skills such as empathy and charisma play a crucial role in sales success, far more than technical knowledge of a product.

  • He believes that sales people should aim to listen to their customers and try to create a personal relationship with them. These skills result in positive experiences for both parties involved.

In conclusion, Alex Valassidis' journey highlights the importance of empowering oneself by improving human skills, creating win-win situations, and seeking guidance from experienced professionals. By following these principles, any sales professional can achieve great success.

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