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"Do the 60-40 rule!" with Dermot Dennehy

Updated: Apr 8

The Mentor Talk With Dermot Dennehy

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with Dermot Dennehy. Dermot boasts over a decade of experience working with start-ups across a wide array of industries. He transitioned from working at the value end with Primark to Alpha Dunhill, a division of the Richemont Group, a prominent luxury goods conglomerate. Dermot is an expert in both B2B and B2C domains. With a thriving corporate background, he has also ventured into entrepreneurship, successfully managing his own international businesses for the last 20 years working in various industries such as consultancy, technology, eCommerce, luxury, and now hybrid and remote working.

Now, let's dive into the key findings from our discussion:

1. Resilience and Reinvention

  • Dermot’s diverse background in retail and his experiences of setbacks and career transitions highlight the importance of resilience and the ability to reinvent oneself.

  • Adapting to new circumstances and reinventing oneself are key traits for success in any career journey.

2. Taking Calculated Risks

  • As Dermot gained more experience, he took calculated risks and surrounded himself with the best people.

  • The 60-40 rule suggests that 40% of one's strategy should involve doing what everyone else is doing, while the remaining 60% should focus on unique and innovative approaches.

  • Dermot shares a personal example of how he secured funding for his startup during a recession by leveraging connections and following this strategy.

3. Finding Investments and Thinking Outside the Box

  • Dermot advises on knowing when to stop pursuing certain opportunities, trusting intuition, and thinking creatively.

  • He shares his strategy of finding business partners globally and toning down existing efforts by 40% to focus on new avenues for sales, such as partnering with individuals in the HR industry.

  • Dermot emphasizes the importance of not simply following what everyone else is doing and exploring unconventional approaches.

4. Understanding B2B and B2C Sales and Marketing

  • Dermot stresses the importance of understanding the mindset of the target audience in both B2B and B2C scenarios.

  • Breaking away from traditional methods and finding unusual ways to reach customers is advised.

  • Tailoring strategies to the specific needs and circumstances of individuals is crucial.

5. Achieving Work-Life Balance and Establishing Routines

  • Dermot highlights the value of work-life balance and establishing routines to maximize productivity and well-being.

  • He shares his own routine, which includes starting work at 9 am and finishing at 7 pm, along with taking a short nap after lunch to recharge.

  • On weekends, he focuses on personal activities like going for walks and spending time in nature.

Dermot Dennehy's career journey serves as an inspiration for resilience, adaptability, and taking calculated risks. His advice on finding investments, trusting intuition, thinking outside the box, achieving work-life balance, and understanding the target audience in sales and marketing is relevant and insightful. By embracing the 60-40 rule and seeking guidance from experienced professionals, individuals can navigate their own career journeys with confidence.

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