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Beyond 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 Borders and 🖥️ Screens: My Incredible Overseas Mentor Meet-Up with Mark Andrews!

🌟After five years of dedicated effort, I had the pleasure of meeting an exceptional #mentor in Orlando, FL. If you're looking for valuable insights, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to connect with Mark Andrews. With a background as the former Technical Editor at PIC Magazine, former Strategic Marketing Communications Manager at TriQuint Semiconductor (now Qorvo, Inc.), and currently serving as the Managing Director at AMC Solutions LLC, Mark shared invaluable knowledge on achieving #B2B and retail sales goals through #strategicmarketing communications. Since 1993, his expertise has focused on increasing sales of #RF, #microwave, mobile devices, and other #hightech products, including #aerospace and #defense solutions. I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect with Mark, who not only inspire my professional growth but also foster genuine friendships. It's proof that mentorship extends beyond guidance and advice, enriching our lives in unexpected ways. He truly embodies the definition of an #experienced (#retired) professional who can help you leverage their vast network and knowledge, exemplifying what it means to be a SalesPro4U. 💡Our conversations were enlightening! From discussing the #Falcon9 launch form Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (see the small torch light) to brainstorming ideas with David Linsel on ramping up the #charginginfrastructure through #solarcarports, we explored the potential of equipping numerous parking lots in Florida. This not only allows for the production of #sustainableenergy but also provides protection for cars from the intense sun. It's a smart and green move, as implementing a #renewableenergy strategy doesn't require a massive budget or endless space. ✈️And let's not forget about the International Airport People Movers (APM) that seamlessly connect ground, rail, and air transport at Orlando airport. It's a prime example of a #multimodal airport, setting the standard for #intermodal #mobility in the United States. 🙏I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals and engage in such impactful discussions. If you're interested in any of these topics or would like to connect, feel free to reach out. Let's continue driving positive change together! #empasynix #peoplematter Reposted from Susette Germer

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