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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SalesPro4U?

SalesPro4U SA is a Swiss company located in Fribourg. SalesPro4U connects Start-Ups and SMEs with Experienced Sales Professionals. These experts have a huge network and many years of proven experience in sales, marketing or business development supporting the CEO and its team as business consultant, part-time mentor, coach, and best-buddy.

2. How does SalesPro4U help my company?

SalesPro4U creates an accurate profile of your company to find your Experienced Sales Professional helping you to scale up your business, support with business expansion strategies, train your team, win new customers, expand to new markets and convince investors.

3. How many Experienced Sales Professionals does SalesPro4U have in its network?

Not numbers but people are what matter to us. SalesPro4U has a diverse network of Experienced Sales Professionals with years of expertise in various sectors such as electronics, healthcare, heavy industry, IoT, IT infrastructure, mechanical engineering, medical technology, micro assembly, mobility, optics and many more. Besides Sales Professionals, we also have experts in areas such as marketing or business development.

4. What is a “Matchmaking Meeting” and how does it work?

This meeting is where the “magic” happens. SalesPro4U has developed a unique meeting and moderation strategy to guarantee that both the CEO and the participating Experienced Sales Professionals have the opportunity to get to know each other as well as possible in a direct exchange.

5. How many Experienced Sales Professionals does SalesPro4U offer?

From 1 to 3, depending upon the demand of the company and/or the complexity of the required experts.

6. As a CEO, what are the costs of using SalesPro4U to connect with Experienced Sales Professionals?

SalesPro4U charges a one-time fee for the specific search and connection with the desired Experienced Sales Professionals. SalesPro4U is not responsible for the contractual relationship between the CEO and the Experienced Sales Professional in any way.

7. As a CEO, how can I get in touch with SalesPro4U?

Fill out the form and our team will contact you.

8. As an Experienced Sales Professionals, how can I get in touch with SalesPro4U?

Fill out the form and our team will contact you.

9. As an Experienced Sales Professional, what are the costs involved in making my expertise available via SalesPro4U?

SalesPro4U does not charge any fees to recruit new Experienced Sales Professionals. 

10. What is "The Mentor Talk"?

"The Mentor Talk" is an engaging 20-minute video podcast show where experienced professionals come together for enlightening interviews, sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise. Tune in on Spotify, iTunes or YouTube (or read the blog) to get to know your potential professionals!

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