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SalesPro4U connects Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and SMEs with Experienced Professionals. These experts have a huge network and many years of proven experience in sales, marketing or business development supporting the CEO and its team as business consultant, part-time mentor, coach, and best-buddy.


Why should a CEO not do Sales?


Especially, when it comes to sales in the scaling-up phase many companies get stuck. Often this is related to the role of the CEO in the company. 


CEOs are visionaries, founders and leaders, who have developed the first products and offers as well as acquired the first customers. 


CEOs are the company's face and are responsible for the growth and welfare of the company at any time.


CEOs main focus are on the further strategic development of the company as well as investor search, especially in the scaling-up phase.

How does SalesPro4U help my company?

SalesPro4U creates an accurate profile of your company to find your Experienced Sales Professional helping you to scale-up your business, support with business expansion strategies, train your sales team, win new customers, expand to new markets and convince investors. 


SalesPro4U generates a private profile of your company, including your product portfolio, customers, markets, regions, and growth perspectives.


SalesPro4U searches its broad database to match you with our Experienced Sales Professionals.


SalesPro4U gets you connected, moderates the first meeting, and supports you in getting a Sales Professional on board.

The Team

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